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Spotlight: Leos club – The Eleight

Spotlight: Leos club

Leo’s club is an amazing club at Leigh that regularly commits to serving the community and truly makes an impact on our society. For example, the Leo’s adopted Lone Hill Park about two years ago and every month they have had volunteers to clean and improve it, such as putting tanbark under the playground equipment.

Advisor April Maiten:

Q: Do you have a favorite memory that the club has done to give back?

I enjoy seeing the students grow through service. I have been a life-long volunteer and I know that giving back is the best way to make me feel like a better person. There are so many ways to give back that I have always been able to find a way to volunteer that makes me feel happy and proud that I’ve help out or accomplished something useful. I’m even happier when I can share that feeling. When I see Leo’s members who are working but smiling and laughing as they work with other volunteers, it puts another smile in my soul.

The Christmas party for the blind is my favorite thing. We always have lots of Leos there. Everyone is working. Initially it’s out of their comfort zone, but in the end, everyone is having a good time and looking forward to next year’s party.

President Yan Los:

8) What do you feel is the most important role of president of the club?

Definitely getting to know everyone in the club, it’s easy to be a leader but it’s hard to be a leader everyone wants to follow.

President Adrian Huang:

Q: What makes Leo’s club different than all of the other clubs at Leigh?

LEOs Club stands out from all of the other clubs in the tradition of its events, as they date back for years. We’re most reputable for Party For the Blind, a Saturday night in early December, where LEOs members travel to the Saratoga blind center to spread holiday spirit to those to need it. During this time of the year, we also have holiday shopping events for those in need. Out of this season, we also have park and reservoir cleanups constantly rotating throughout the year.

President Sijay Liu:

Q:  In what ways do you think the club has changed lives? Not just for the citizens you’ve helped, but for the people in the club as well.

I like to think that LEOs Club as a whole has helped to cultivate a culture of giving back at Leigh. Our members have shown themselves to be caring, empathetic, and committed to improving the lives of people within our community.