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What I Wish I Was Doing – The Eleight

What I Wish I Was Doing

So, it’s time to talk about the true hard-hitting topics. Movies. I know it’s Christmas time and other holidays, but I’m not going to talk about holiday movies that’s too much of a clique. No “Charlie Brown Christmas” or “How the Grinch stole Christmas” throwbacks. We’re going to spend the next 700 words talking about my favorite and most recently watched movies.

Most recently watch movie sequels for me was Star Wars. I started it back in June on a road trip and ended up actually finishing all six only about a month ago. I think that’s the last time I can watch them, if I’m honest. Not because they were bad, they were absolutely amazing works of art. I can’t go back there because of the damn ending. Like, shit man. My sister started them up a few weeks ago and I only lasted about 30 minutes until I was cursing George Lucas for all he’s worth. That damn man inflicted so much pain in my soul. I feel bad, my dad bought the box set and I don’t think I can watch them again. I mean maybe when I’m in my thirties I’ll be able to since I’ll probably think 17 year old me was simply a whimp.

Nonetheless, highly suggested.

Some of my favorite things about some movies is when actors show through their character or when they really become their character. Really. It makes them what actors should be. Take “the Dark Knight” for example. Heath Ledger was, unfortunately, and astonishing Joker. Wildly creepy, if I do say so myself. The Joker is damn creepy to begin with, he just wants to watch the world burn. Heath Ledger just portrays him so well it’s hard to recognize the “10 things I hate about you” actor. He became that character but locking himself in an empty room for three days. Three days! Can you imagine? It gave him the ability to play the Joker to a perfect T. Tragically, it also caused him to go over the edge and O.D. 🙁 what an awesome dude though. Beautiful Australian man.

Alright, let’s take a moment to talk about the “Fast and Furious” movies. Even if I hated cars, that movie would still be amazing. For Paul Walker alone, honestly. I haven’t been able to get myself to watch “Furious 7” though… I’m not ready for that kind of emotional trauma. Not after what Star Wars did to me. That shit gave me trust issues.

Method acting is one of my favorite things. I mean those are actors who got it down. They are truly born to act if they can get that deep into character.

I’m sad to say none of these movies can be found on Netflix or Amazon prime or Hulu, but you can always watch them illegally if you want to live life on the edge. But you didn’t hear that from me… Or you know, you could always go the safe route and rent/buy them.

Some good TV shows that are nice and light-hearted after these movies…

I will always be a huge fan of Brooklyn 99, Andy Samberg is one of my favorite people. I recently finished the first season of “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce”, which though not great was a great way to kill time. And let’s take a moment to discuss “Teen Wolf”. I just finished season five, and DAMN what the hell Jeff Davis this season was so gruesome. I mean good, but for something that started out with light and fluffy characters and definite bad guys it’s come a long way.