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“Spotlight” Review – The Eleight

“Spotlight” Review

“Spotlight” is a documentary type movie starring Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams. The story revolves around the Spotlight section of a Boston newspaper, “The Boston Globe.” As investigate reporters, they spend months at a time on a story.
The movie begins with the newspaper staff saying goodbye to their current editor. A new editor comes in, consumed with his own ideas that he puts into the paper. “Spotlight” starts investigating the NYPD, before they’re put on a follow up of a column written by another section earlier in the month. They begin investigating priests in Boston accused of molesting young boys and girls. The beginning purpose of their investigation was to find if Cardinal Law actually knew about the abuse, and tried to cover it. However, these investigators found more information about this than they could have ever imagined.
As the movie progresses, they interview victims and members of the church. The story progresses and the journalists soon find themselves in the midst of the biggest cover up in the church’s history. The movie ends with a short slideshow of sorts. It talks about how this story led to hundreds of priests being arrested for molestation and thousands more for lesser crimes. They then show a list of every city in the U.S. that had mass amounts of arrests. The list went on for at least 30 seconds, surprising every person in the theater.
This movie follows a true story, and is riveting from the very beginning. Though the content is heavy, it’s an important part of history that is often overlooked because of the power that the church has. It even ties in locally, with Los Gatos being one of the places in the slideshow that priests were arrested in masses.

Not only is the content of the movie fantastic, the acting was also impeccable. McAdams, who is more known for her work in romantic comedy movies, was an interesting pick for this movie, but she portrayed the character perfectly. Ruffalo played the part of a journalist angry with the story and gets too deep, even with his own sources. When at one point he has a yelling match with his superior, the tension could even be felt in the theater. Keaton, as Spotlight’s editor, was involved in a lot of dramatic and thrilling scenes. It was incredible to watch him take on a new role that he had never experienced. With constant plot twists and scenes that will leave viewers’ jaws wide open, it’s a must see for this season.