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“Ride Along 2” Review – The Eleight

“Ride Along 2” Review

“Ride Along 2” was a fun and hilarious movie. Kevin Hart, who plays as an eager Atlanta rookie officer named Ben Barber, is partners with Ice Cube, a detective named James Payton. Ice Cube makes sarcastic remarks, Kevin Hart jabbers on, and a plot is cooked up to provide them with a case.

Barber and Payton go to Miami to bust a drug dealer that is connected to Atlanta. The Miami backdrop provides them with a sunny change of scenery and for Kevin Hart to wear linen outfits capped off with straw fedoras. Olivia Munn plays a Miami police officer, Ken Jeong is a hacker and Benjamin Bratt is a shady politician and drug dealer, rounding out the racially diverse cast. Kevin Hart gets beaten up by a child, falls into a chicken coop, gets mocked for his size and all other sorts of humiliations. But he always comes out with a smile and a positive attitude. Barber is devoted to his fiance (Payton’s sister, played by Tika Sumpter), who he’s marrying in a couple of days, and he really cares about the details of his wedding. Men, in real life and in the movies, often don’t care about the wedding planning, but Barber is truly into the whole thing boasting“I have a vision for my wedding!”“Ride Along” was a surprise hit, earning $135 million and becoming Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s biggest starring movie. “Ride Along 2” is basically more of the same, and Hart is its driving force. I thought that “Ride Along 2” was a great comedy and I enjoyed it a lot.