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Are thank-you cards necessary? – The Eleight

Are thank-you cards necessary?

Everyone knows that after the joyful time of celebration and receiving presents–be it for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or other events–comes the period of constant nagging. Parents continually badger their children, insisting they write thank you cards to grandparents and relatives because family members are waiting for them. However, when receiving a thank you card, how many people actually do anything with it? The card is opened, read, and promptly recycled. Out of this arises the question, are thank you cards necessary?

The older generations expect thank you cards while the younger generations procrastinate writing them, finding them tedious. Each thank you card is the same, “Thank you for the _____. I love it.” A set of cut-and-dry is doled out to the family members and guests, containing no real sentimental value. So why write these cards? They are useless to both the giver and the receiver.

Older relatives have come to expect thank you cards as that was proper etiquette when they were growing up. As time goes on and mannerisms change, these expectations of older generations no longer align with the way younger generations go about doing things.

While thank you cards are outdated, it is important to show proper appreciation to those who have given you gifts. Sending personally designed e-cards, pictures of the gift being used, or a personal phone call. The most touching way to thank someone is to meet up with them in person. If the gift is usable, show them that you’re using it. The most appreciated thank you is one during which the giver is looked in the eyes and presented with heartfelt words of thanks.