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Vandalism to Brand New “Leigh Longhorns” Sign in the Quad – The Eleight

Vandalism to Brand New “Leigh Longhorns” Sign in the Quad

Home and school club recently put in the money to hang a “Leigh Longhorns” sign in the quad.  It was hung up for about two weeks.  The sign helped unify and identify Leigh High School.  However, as we came back from the holidays many of the letters were ripped off their bolts and stolen.  Part of the “G” was cut off as well.  Many of  Leigh’s students aren’t afraid to make the comment, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

The sign was hung up right before break and was taken down the day we returned from break. “The janitor found the missing letters around campus, so no one took them home,” said Dean Robert Warren. The home and school club was excited to provide the letters for the students and it is a shame they were torn down so quickly. “We don’t know if or when we are getting new signs,” said Warren.

“The sign cost $3,865 and volunteers put in over 60 hours of their time on the project.  It will cost $2,185 to be repaired and installed again. This sign only lasted six weeks,” said member of the home and school club, Krista Junker. Half the students didn’t even know about it and it is a bummer that the Leigh student body couldn’t enjoy it longer.