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Playlist Box – The Eleight

Playlist Box

The playlist box has moved but is still just

as active as always, meaning every time we

have an edition release. That being said

we hope you enjoy the playlists this

month.  As always they can be found at

8tracks.com along with all the playlists that have

come before.

A Way to Fade

photo by Sam Villanueva
These songs remind me of Winter break because they have a dreamy feel to them that takes every stressful thought out of my mind. My break was without any care in the world, since all of the homework, college applications, and stress of the average school day had disappeared along with the leaves on the trees. I made this playlist of indie songs inspired by artists like BØRNS, Washed Out, and Electric Guest to embody that easygoing feeling during the cold.

I’ll Be Good

Mia's Playlist
Lately I’ve been trying to listen to music that my friends like so in the search of good music I have been Shazam-ing everything people play. The inspiration for this playlist came from driving home from a competition and listening to my friends music. In particular the song I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young stuck itself in my head for weeks. This playlist reminds me of the exhaustion that comes after a long day and the bliss of seeing rain hit your window on a long drive, not the most similar of experiences I know, but still.