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Spotlight: Dylan Johnston – The Eleight

Spotlight: Dylan Johnston

Dylan Johnston is the only freshman on Leigh’s Varsity basketball team, but he is making a huge impact. Coming off the bench as a point guard, #8 is well known for his accurate shots and great ball control. Helping to facilitate the team’s counter-offensive play and controlling the ball effectively, Johnston has contributed many valuable minutes on the Leigh Court.

At a height of 5 foot 8, Johnston has been playing basketball for five years. Although he is one of the few underclassmen, and the youngest on the team, Johnston is still able to perform and uphold game standards. According to Johnston, participating in the team has been a great opportunity to learn new skills everyday.

“Coach Judge has helped made it easier for me to get into the system and find my spot on the team”, said Johnston.

To prepare mentally before his games, Johnston usually listens to music, and has adopted a pregame “ritual” of eating a ham sandwich everyday.The Leigh team currently has an overall record of 9 wins and 5 losses.

“Our goal is to win league,” said Johnston, when asked about his goals and the team’s ambitions for the season. Despite being surrounded by several upperclassmen and playing against experienced opponents, Johnston is able to lay on the court with confidence. However, he can also be recognized by his sense of modesty. We asked Johnston if he has any specific role models on the team that he looks up to. Without hesitation, he humbly responded, “I look up to each and every single [person on the team].”