Wrestling overview

It is that time of year again, when some of Leigh’s top athletes starve themselves, carry around a gallon of water around campus, get in the best shape of their lives, slip on their singlets, and psych themselves up for another wrestling match. Our Longhorn wrestlers are debatably the best-conditioned, hardest working athletes on campus. Spending more than 15 hours per week on the mats, circling the track, or in the weight room with multiple layers definitely equips them for a hard season.

After waving goodbye to one of the strongest wrestlers in our school’s history, Ryan Cummings, the Longhorns will look to someone else to help lead them to their third straight league title.

“The season will be a lot different without Ryan, considering we don’t have that talented kid in our room. However, the team’s bonding will come together and overcome that. To fill Ryan’s shoes we must work harder in the wrestling room and on the mats,” said Grant Keyser, sophomore.

The longhorns now enter league with an overall record of 3-0. Their first league match pitted them against Prospect where they demolished them 64-4.

“Almost everyone had pins. We only had one loss, but it was to a really tough guy, he was 4th in CCS. Overall it was a great start to the season and hopefully we can use that momentum to continue on in league,” said Brendan Liou, senior

Their following match was not as easy. In fact it took until the last match, where it was tied 34-34 with Alex Marozick on the mat, with his team’s undefeated streak on the line. He came up with the victory putting his team in the sole position of 1st place in the BVAL-MH league.

“It was a pretty exciting victory. It was going back and forth the whole meet, but was the last match. I won the match, but it was a team effort. I was pretty nervous, but we have been training for a moment like this all year and I did what I would do in any situation,” said Marozick, senior

Hopefully the Longhorns will keep this magical ride going and win their league and send multiple wrestlers to CCS.