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Multicultural Day

by Lucas Martines, visuals staff

Photo by: Lucas Martines

This year Multicultural Day was on Dec. 2. It was held in Leigh High School’s cafeteria at lunch. There was a large line queuing up to enter the cafeteria during lunch and the school raised over $1,000 for charity. There were many types of food to enjoy, including plates from the United States, Italy, Greece, Mexico and China.

The goal of Multicultural Day is to give the students an opportunity to experience foods of different cultures in order to make them more accepting of everyone,” said Shayna Lynch, senior, who helped organize the event, along with the leadership class at Leigh.

They want to showcase different cultures for the students, right here at our own school;

This benefits not just the students, but also Kids Against Hunger.

“All proceeds go towards packaging meals to be sent over to starving children. All the leadership classes in the district meet up to package these meals together,”  said Lynch.

Most of the food was donated, allowing the profit to go to Kids Against Hunger, an organization that packages and sends meals to starving children. The leadership class paid for the food that was not donated.

Many students liked the day and what it had to offer.

“Multicultural Day is always fun and the food is always great,” said Laura Becerra, senior. She also mentioned the live cultural performances on stage in the cafeteria, something Lynch said she’d love to have more of. There was a total of three cultural performances as entertainment, as well as an exciting hot dog eating contest.

“There was lots of culture and good, cheap food,” said Molly Peck, junior. She liked that the food was tasty, cheap, and went to a good cause.

Overall the event was a success, generating over $1000 for starving children through Kids Against Hunger. Also, the students at Leigh enjoyed the day of culture, food and live performances.