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Toning down PDA

by Lili Riahi, staff writer and In-Depth

by Arman Nikfar

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it is expected that lovers will be more affectionate towards one another than usual. From a quick goodbye kiss after class to a steamy makeout session on some student’s lockers, we’ve seen it all. However, how much affection is appropriate at school? Whether students are for PDA or against it, there has to be a limit depending on the environment one is in- especially at school.

“You guys are young adults, so at this point we’re expecting you to know the environment you’re in and what’s appropriate. I’ve been really impressed at how our students conduct themselves,” said Kara Butler, principal.

Although the principal seems to be pleased with how students limit their PDA, not all people on Leigh’s campus feel the same. There have been many complaints from both students and staff of students being a little too close for comfort in class to the point that it’s distracting from their work, or seeing people all over each other in front of class. Yes not everyone at Leigh disapproves of PDA, there are fellow Longhorn students displaying the behavior; however, it is important to note that not all students are comfortable with PDA – especially not on campus. Couples need to save the affection for when they are in private, or any unhappy witnesses could politely ask the couple to tone it down.

“I think handholding and hugs are okay, maybe not makeouts but pecks are okay too. I don’t want to see couples all over each other– it’s gross,” said Julia Woods, sophomore.

The most important reason PDA at school would be thought of as inappropriate is because it distracts students from the true purpose of school: learning. 12/20 students at Leigh complain that couples being all over each other in class makes it hard to focus. Teachers definitely deal with overly touchy students here and there, some more often than others. However, to what extent is PDA actually affecting teacher’s ability to teach?

“It hasn’t affected me during class, however it has been a problem in tutorial. I personally don’t like it,” said Melissa Fales, history teacher.

In the big picture, it does not seem as though PDA is a huge problem at Leigh High School. There are complaints now and then from both staff members and the student body, however it is not a pressing matter. To assess the PDA that does cause discomfort, students need to keep their private life private, not public for the entire school to see.