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Career pathways coming to Leigh in 2018

by Igor Nikolaev, staff writer

In 2018, a new program for education will be fully implemented at Leigh High School, called career pathways, which includes a variety of classes meant for students to pursue in training for a specific career. One aspect of career pathways includes education pathways; however, aspects of the program will not be implemented nor developed until later on in 2018.
Education pathways is a class for those who want to be educators, in which students can pursue a specific career by enrolling in classes to train in said career in high school and later enroll in specific classes in college for further training.
So far, this method has been helpful.
“It helps students who may not be ready to go to college or students who also want to work while they’re going to college,” said intervention counselor Tanya Silvam, in reference to general career pathways.
Another aspect of education pathway is that Leigh High School is in partnership with SVCTE (Silicon Valley Technical Institute), which is another campus that every school in the district participates in, that provide certificate training programs.
“SVCTE is a program for seniors and juniors only in which students have to self-select to sign up by logging onto the website and enroll and then SVCTE sends their counselor a notification, we approve it, and then we go help our students in the courses they selected,” said Silva. SVCTE is open to all schools within the local district, and they are also including other districts.
Silva explained there are various types for various careers and they’ve all been helpful in their specific career training. Students can sign up for this program depending on the “pathway” they choose. For example, tech theatre is open to almost everyone, and foods is open to all students except freshmen until next year.
Despite their benefits, educations pathways are not flawless. Some criticisms were made about the education method, including issues regarding limited number of individuals who can sign up, and the limited variety in the amount of courses available, due to how new the program is. Examples of these programs include a theatre tech pathway and foods pathway.
Leigh is not the only school that participates in this Education Pathway program. Westmont High School is another participating school; it hosts an agriculture course. As it stands, this program is still new and continuing to develop and it will be more common later on in the future.