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Dudesqueak: Eric Zakharian

by Justin Dilling, Sports Staff

Photo by: Justin Dilling

Eric Zakharian (AKA Dudesqueak) is a senior and one of the most hilarious “dudes” at Leigh High School. Not only does he have incredibly witty zingers and one-liners, but he’s also constantly putting out new content onto his YouTube channel: dudesqueak, which is where his nickname originated from.

His YouTube career started when he was just nine years old, just under ten years ago.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be famous,” said Zakharian. “And I plan to follow that goal until I reach it.”

Eric’s hard work and dedication to his YouTube channel is all thanks to a couple of his all time favorite channels.

“Smosh and Nigahiga inspire me. Their content is so original, creative and funny,” said Zakharian.

Dudesqueak has recently slowed down his video production lately, for other school commitments. He is a part of Leigh High School’s badminton team.

“With up to two games a week and practice almost everyday, it has been hard to come up with content,” said Zakharian. “However, I have recently decided to vlog my journeys to the school as well as me playing in the games.”

Although this may sound like an easy task, it is quite hard for him to get clips of himself playing in the games. He has to find someone to film him playing, which people aren’t always willing to do.
While his real life videos may be slowing down, the production of his gaming videos has not. Zakharian shows his commitment to his YouTube channel, despite his packed schedule, to make videos, whether they be playthroughs of games or himself messing around with friends.

Although YouTube has not quite made Dudesqueak any money yet, he is not discouraged and will continue making videos until he does. However, it’s not all about the money for Zakharian, his main goal is to be able to be recognized on the streets for his comedy sketches and gaming videos.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy comedy or just great gaming content, make sure to check out Zakharian’s YouTube channel: dudesqueak.