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Let the prank wars begin

By Adrianna Lauer, staff writer

Photo by: 5gig

April Fool’s Day is coming up on April 1, and it is time to pick your victim and prank. Here are a variety of simple tricks you can do to celebrate the day of playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. Whether it be your family member, friend, ex, or enemy, enjoy their reaction as you pull these pranks on them.
At home, let your family know what a good morning tastes like by taking a bite of some baby powder covered donuts. Make sure they wash it down with a refreshing glass of orange juice, also known as mac and cheese powder mixed with water. Or maybe you can give them some “spoiled” milk by placing mini marshmallows in a glass of milk. Another prank you can play during the day, is to tape a piece of saran wrap taut under the toilet seat, so your victim is surprised by a splash.
Your friends most likely ask for your food or snacks during lunch, so bring some Oreos, and replace the filling with some minty white toothpaste. Hopefully you know what your friend’s phone pass code is, because phone screen is frozen. First, take a screenshot of their home screen. Next, hold the home button until the apps start wiggling, and move all the apps to the right, on a different screen. Then change the wallpaper to the screenshot of their home screen you just took. Finally, watch them become frustrated.
Give someone’s car a makeover by covering their car completely with Post-It notes, or filling their car up with balloons. At school, leave a donut box laying around saying “Free Donuts”, and fill it up with broccoli. If you go to the beach, dig a hole under your friend’s blanket so when they lay down to relax, they’ll fall through.
If you follow through with these pranks, pull at your own risk, and may all trust remain the same after this day. Happy pranking!