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Where can I get my summer job?

by Alanna Jurich, Visuals Staff

Photo courtesy of: Dave Dugdale

If you’re looking for a summer job either for money purposes or just to get some experience in the job field while still in high school, there are many places to apply. Bay Club, AVAC, and Nothing Bundt Cakes all offer great summer positions and hire regularly for summertime staff.

During the summer, Bay Club Courtside hires camp counselors, where you get to work with kids of different age groups of your preference as you lead them in pool activities, outdoor fun, sports, crafts, and much more. They also offer lifeguard and  swim instructor jobs which are perfect for the summer time.

“Being a camp counselor during the summer is a great way to start out if you are looking for a job and don’t have much experience working yet. Courtside camps go all summer long with tons of activities you can lead the kids in,” said Jenny Xavier, senior and current employee at Bay Club Los Gatos.

Another great option for a summer job is AVAC. They also offer swim instructor and  lifeguard jobs all summer long and throughout the school year. AVAC’s swim school has a wide age range of kids in the classes and is also a great position if you love being in the water.

“AVAC allows you to work days that fit your schedule, and the environment of Avac is never dull,” said Jared King, senior and current employee at AVAC.

Nothing Bundt Cakes is another option to apply to when looking for a summer job. Nothing Bundt Cakes is welcome to hiring a younger crowd, and they offer positions to kids who might not have a lot of experience in sales yet.

“I love working at Nothing Bundt Cakes because it is a really cool job, a lot of the people that work there are young like me, and it’s just an overall good feeling to have a job,”  said Martin Shteynman, senior and current employee at Nothing Bundt Cakes.

These positions all start out at minimum wage being $10 to $11 per hour and are a great way to start in the working field. Good luck job hunting!