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Grant-A-Wish: Granting Leigh High School students wishes

by Summer McGrogan, Visuals editor

Photo by: Arman Nikfar

Once a year, Leigh students write down a single wish–something they want–on a piece of paper and the lucky ones get their wish granted by the leadership class. On March 31, another Grant-a-Wish rally was put on at Leigh during tutorial. Each class was five minutes shorter to accommodate the event that took place on the bleachers in the bowl. The Eleight explores some of the frequently asked questions.

Q: A lot of people claim only people whose friends are in leadership get their wishes granted. Is this true?

A: “We try not to consider names for basic wishes, [we only focus on] what we can accomplish fiscally in the amount of time we have,” said Elly Hudson, senior.


Q: How would you describe the selection process?

A: “So it all started with sorting all 1700 student wishes into categories I picked. With the help of my commission, we went through all those wishes and picked out the ones we thought were the most meaningful and heartwarming of the students. Grant-A-Wish’s goal is to grant as many wished as possible of the student body (including teachers) that aren’t usually highlighted at school. This year we had some pretty meaningful wishes that we thought should be displayed during the rally of people that don’t have it the easiest but are fortunate with what they have,” said senior Lia Nakabayashi, coordinator of the entire event.


Q: How does the leadership class fund all of the wishes they grant?

A: “We made these wishes happen by fundraising lost and creating a budget for the event. On top of this, we sent out personalized emails and letters to companies asking for donations to this worthy event. Many companies were more than happy to help us out. And with what we didn’t get donated, we used the money in our budget to make it all happen! The main purpose of the rally was just to bring the Leigh community together and provide unity and support throughout our time here at Leigh and I hope we did that,” said Nakabayashi.


The rally appeared to be engaging and entertaining to all students, and teachers, in the stands. Leadership granted many wishes on stage and in the classrooms earlier in the week, thanks to them, students received little surprises to add happiness to their weeks.