Super Bowl LIII review from a Patriots fan

Griffin Quadro, Staff Writer

Tom Brady is happy as ever running into the locker room after winning his sixth Super Bowl ring. Carrying the Lombardi Trophy, and as the hero of New England hoists the trophy up in honor of the team.

It felt like Foxborough, based on the number of Patriots fans in the crowd. And judging by the deafening noise, none of the New England faithful seemed to care that the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever the final score 13–3, with a combined 14 punts was also the most boring. It was almost painful to watch; the game was tied at three through three quarters and didn’t break open until Sony Michel ran into the end zone on a two-yard run with seven minutes left to play. When he did, the sea of Patriots number 12 jerseys throughout the stadium shouted chants of “Brady! Brady!”

If you thought Super Bowl LIII was going to be anything other than a “home game” for New England. The Rams don’t exactly have a reliable fan base in L.A. yet, but most importantly, Patriots fans travel, because Patriots fans expect to win. There are 32 NFL teams, and only one can win it all each season. But the Patriots have won a third of all the Super Bowls since the 2001 season, redefining our idea of what constitutes a dynasty.

That’s what it’s like to be a Patriots fan. It means, for the most part, living in a universe where good things happen—like Malcolm Butler intercepting the Seahawks at the goal line in  XLIX or Julian Edelman catching a ball just inches off the ground as the Pats overcome a 28–3 deficit against the Falcons LI. Sure, there have been some bumps and heartbreak along the way the Giants, twice, and last year the Eagles, but Patriots fans are certainly getting the last laugh at this point.